DAY 1 - OCTOBER 29, 2008

This was the first time we all were meeting together to discuss what our final game design would be. Our initial idea was to have a chutes and ladders type of game on a grid-like board. After discussing the game, however, we decided that our game wasn't original enough. Because our game concept was based on the life of a freshmen college student, we decided to change the game board to the Rutgers "R." Players would travel up and down the "R," with each space having a designated card assigned to it with either a question or a "chance" card, which was a positive event to each player. We then began to create questions until the end of class.

DAY 7 - NOVEMBER 5, 2008

We were able to finish all of the questions for the game, including the chance and bus questions. Outside of class, we were able to work on our website and further work on the design of the game. We decided to have the grid on the board take up the entire back of the "R," which we almost finished in class using Photoshop. Now we just need to design the actual game cards, decide what pieces we want, and hopefully have a working prototype soon.

DAY 14 - NOVEMBER 12, 2008

We have continued to update the website as we develop the game more and more. We also finished making the board on Photoshop, and now we have to find a way to print out the board large enough to fit on the back of the Rutgers "R" (we decided to use the "R" which is available in every dormitory on campus).

DAY 21 - NOVEMBER 19, 2008

Today, we did not have the actual board printed out, but we had a working prototype of the game that had all of the questions and cards ready. We play-tested our game and we received generally good feedback. Many of the testers thought it was creative to incorporate the "R" in the game. The only other feedback we received, as far as the game play, was that it was a short game. Within the time period we were allowed, they were able to play it a couple times through.

DAY 35 - DECEMBER 3, 2008

We were able to print out the actual board, but unfortunately, it was slightly smaller than the actual "R". We also had game pieces, but we realized too much handicraft was involved for it to be a good solution. The actual cards for each category were good though, which was the only positive that happened in today's work. We have to re-print the board and think of new game pieces, but all the other aspects of the project are going well.