Buses – Positive Cards
      Made Dean’s List 
- Try to keep your GPA above 3.2 and you will be placed on the dean’s list.
      Get an A on the exam - Although studying takes a lot of time and energy, doing well on an exam can feel that much better after putting all of that hard work into it.
      Finish homework early – Try not to procrastinate so that you can get all of your assignments done on time.
      Get extra credit – Many professors offer extra credit in order to help students raise their grades. If available, you should take advantage of these opportunities.  
      Go to office hours – It can be difficult to ask questions in a class with so many other students, so going to office hours will give you a chance to speak to the professor and clarify your inquiries.
      Get recommendations – These can be helpful later on, when applying to graduate school or trying to get an internship.
      Join a fraternity/sorority – Getting involved in Greek life is a great way to make new friends and get involved in the Rutgers community.
      Get a good deal on books – Buying books for all of your classes can add up and become a great expense. It is possible to get a good deal by looking on, facebook marketplace and ebay.
      Get old exams – Places like odasis can offer you old exams by your professor, which can at least give you an idea of how your exam might be formatted.
      Get a good roommate- It is important to be on good terms with your roommate because it will benefit you when it comes to studying in the room and avoiding arguments.
      Get on the right bus for class – There are many buses at Rutgers, and although it can be difficult, you have to make it to class on time. If you need help, carry the map or ask the bus driver where he/she is headed before stepping on the bus. Also, the bus schedules are posted on
      Get a good work-study job – These are available at the Rutgers computer labs, libraries, MSLC etc. They require simple work which merely consists of swiping ID cards, checking out books and allows you to study while you are at work.
Buses – Negative Cards

      Late for class – Some professors take attendance at the beginning of class, and arriving late may result in penalization.
      Miss the bus – Missing the bus will make you late to class, so make sure to leave extra time to allow for the possibility that you will miss the bus and need to wait for the next one.
      Fail Expos paper – If you need help with expos, as many students do, sign up for the writing center’s free tutoring program. This can be helpful because it adds a specific time in your weekly schedule for you to work on your essay. Also, the tutors are patient and helpful in fixing your essay and thinking of new ideas.
      Forgot to study for an exam – Do not under any circumstances allow this to occur! Exams account for the majority of your final grade and most professors do not offer makeup exams without a legitimate excuse.
      Internet taken away – If you exceed your band limit by downloading too much, the internet in your dorm will temporarily be taken away.  If this happens, you can always go to the computer labs around campus which are open until 3 a.m..
      Professor dislikes you – Missing lectures or not handing in assignments on time can result in your professor viewing you in a negative way and possibly reducing your grade as a result of this.
      Lost your student ID – A student ID is necessary to for entry into the dormitories, dining halls, computer labs and in exam halls. If you lose your ID, be sure to visit the housing office as soon as possible to get a new one.
      Get written up by the RA – Any inappropriate activities in the dormitories will result with a write-up by your RA. Try to be considerate and stay out of trouble.
      Can’t find your class – Try to carry a map around with you at the beginning of the semester in order to help you find your way around. This will decrease the chances of late arrival to classes, and will save you time.
      Lost your room key – The RA has a universal key that will let you into your room, but you will need to visit the housing office in order to replace it. Try to keep your key somewhere nearby at all times, and possibly even attach it to your wallet.
      Gain “freshmen 15” – The dining hall offers many options, and it is easy to gain weight when surrounded by the abundance of food. However, try to choose a few healthy options at each meal in order to avoid gaining the “freshmen 15”.
      Fall asleep in class – This will give the professor a negative impression of you. Also, you will miss notes that are necessary for studying for the exams. Try to make the best use of your class time and not waste it by sleeping.
     Answers to Question Cards

      What bus goes from Busch to Livingston?  

      A: The B bus – The first stop for the B bus on Busch is the Werblin Gym.

      How many Quads are there in Livingston?  

      A: 3 –The quads have only one floor each.

     What is the mascot of Rutgers?
      A: Scarlet Knight

     Where are the Grease Trucks?  
      A: College Avenue- They serve the world famous "fat sandwiches.

     What are the colors of Rutgers?  

      A: Scarlet and White

     Where is the football stadium?

      A: Busch- where the stadium is in the process of being expanded

      What is the name of the football coach?  

      A: Greg Schiano

      When does the weekend start?

      A: Thursday- The weekend consist of Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  

      Where is “frat row”?  

      A: Union Street. Many of Rutgers oldest fraternities can be found here.  

      How many credits do you need to graduate?  

      A: 120- This is the minimum requirement.

      Where is Passion Puddle?

      A: Douglass Campus

      What bus goes from Busch to College Ave?  

      A: A and H – Only the H is available after 9pm

      Where is the Alexander Library?

      A: College Ave – It is the largest library in Rutgers.

      Where is Neilson café?  

      A: Douglass- You can use your meal swipes to buy food.  

      When does the Douglas Co-op have its sale?  

      A: Tuesdays. -Get there early before the sales run out.  

      What website can help you pick professors?

      A: – You should not use this as the main resource when picking classes.
      How late do the buses run on the weekdays?  

      A: 3am – If you need to go somewhere after 3am, you can always call the "Knight Rider."
      Where can you take the Rex B on Busch?

      A: the ARC – which stands for Allison Road Classrooms
      Where does the Rutgers Basketball team play?  

      A: At the RAC on Livingston  
      Where is Voorhees Mall located?  

      A: College Ave - Scott Hall is located here as well.
      Where are the honors dorms on Busch?

      A: McCormick Suites- Mostly freshmen live here.
       What time does takeout run until?

      A: 12am - There is no takeout during the weekends.
       What dining hall serves sushi everyday during the week?  

      A: Brower Commons – College Ave
      Where is the Woman’s Culture Studies Department?

      A: Douglass – The woman's college is located here
      Where can you find horses?  

      A: Cook/Douglass

       Name the 5 campuses.

      A: College Ave, Busch, Livingston, Douglas, Cook

     What is Mason Gross?

      A: The Art school

     Where is Hurtado Health Center?

      A: College Ave

      How many Davidson dorms are there on Busch?  

      A: 4 – One of which is an all girls dorm

      How do you find your grades for most classes?  

      A: Gradebook, which is available on

     Who do you call if you need a bus after they stop running?

      A: Knight Rider

     What does the W on a class schedule mean?

      A: that person withdrew from the course - You cannot withdraw from a class after a certain date. A W on one's transcript is not favorable and should be avoided unless completely necessary.  

     When do you have to declare your major?

      A: End of sophomore year

     How many credits are needed to be a full time student?  
      A: 12 credits  

     Where is Sbbaros located?

      A: Livingston – You can use your meal swipes to buy food.