1. RU READY can be played with 2-4 players.

2. Before beginning the game, each player rolls the dice. The player with the highest number goes first, followed by the player with the second highest roll, and so on.

3. The player whose turn it is then moves along the board by rolling the dice and moving that number of spaces.

4. The player who reaches the end first wins the game!

5. Upon landing on a box, the player picks the card that corresponds to the picture on that box.

6. As shown on the board, each box has a bus, question mark, or smiley face on it.

7.  The question mark cards have “Rutgers related questions” on them. If you land on a question mark, the player to your right must read the question to you. If you get the answer right, you move one space ahead, and if you get it wrong, you move two spaces back.

8. The cards with buses have positive or negative consequences which allows the player to move two spaces up or down depending on the card.

9.The smiley face cards are the chance/ life cards. For example, you get extra credit in a class. If a player picks a card from this deck, he/she is allowed to keep the card and use it later in place of a negative bus or getting penalized for answering the question with an incorrect response. In such a case, the player stays on the same spot and does not move two spaces back.

10. If a player is nearing the end of the game, he/she must roll the exact number of spaces in order to reach the end. However, if he/she rolls a number too high, than he/she needs to move back 2 spaces. This continues until the exact number needed to complete the game is rolled.